About us

Metralytica GmbH was founded in 2018 by experts in the field of 3D geometry measurement processing. As an innovative high-tech enterprise our activities focus on the development, integration and distribution of spatial information software systems. Digital solutions for acquisition and processing of data can be obtained using photogrammetry or laser scanning. In addition, we advise customers on the use of these tools in a wide range of application areas such as mapping, quality control and many more.

By the end of 2019 we acquired the company Electronic Zeng, which has been active as a specialist in the distribution and design of EMC components since 2006, expanding our sales activities to include hardware products.



Innovative strength focusing on the development and integration of spatial information software systems and many years of experience are the distinctive features / characteristics of our enterprise.
Our development team is constantly working to include latest state of the art technologies in our products for digital measurement technology and data processing. Our solutions have already been proven in numerous applications, such as in shipbuilding and tunnel construction.

Our expertise lies in the provision of sophisticated IT solutions for industry– with optimal adaptation to customer requirements. With our industry experience and expertise in both information technology and engineering, we understand the requirements and speak the language of our customers.
The experience gained from many years of use flows into the development of our products.

For us, customer orientation means developing long-term customer relationships.
We offer you full service of implementation and customer support – including training and software maintenance – online, by phone and in person. You can rely on the best support when using our software!



Customer orientation
Our mission is to offer the best service for our customer. As the active link between customer and producer, we are able to address both technical questions and special customer requests and find optimal solutions.

Specific adaptation and design
We have built up a trusting relationship with our long-standing hardware suppliers and receive intensive support in dealing with technical questions and customer requests of all kinds. Technically experienced teams of engineers design and modify EMC components based on specific requirements. In the case of an order this is offered without additional costs.

Flexibility and reliability
As a further advantage, we offer our customers a close-knit supply chain and flexible warehousing. Through close cooperation with our logistics partners, we are always able to respond instantly to our customers' delivery needs or to changes in the general conditions, ensuring timely deliveries.
For framework agreements we always keep sufficient stock of products so that you can conveniently order your goods on demand.

We are convinced that "expensive" does necessarily best quality and quality does not need to be "expensive". As a direct sales partner of our suppliers we are able to achieve the best conditions and prices for our customers.